The National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy(NCFAP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) research and professional education organization.  NCFAP coordinates and conducts objective, non-advocacy research, analysis, and education to inform the public about food, agriculture, natural resources, environmental quality, and rural economic issues.

NCFAP was founded in 1984 with a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and incorporated in 1991.  Since 2016 NCFAP has functioned as a virtual think tank.  NCFAP minimizes overhead by having no paid staff.  By virtue of its decades-long presence in our nation’s capital, the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy has unique access to data, expertise, and national policy leaders.

NCFAP leverages existing research and educational institutions.  Through partnerships with a network of scholars and experts at universities, federal agencies, and other institutions, it conducts primary surveys, accesses the most appropriate data, and prepares state-of-the-art analyses of the issues at hand.  NCFAP Trustees, Fellows, and their collaborators publish and present the research findings to inform choices or policy.  NCFAP also designs and conducts workshops and training programs, especially for food and agriculture industry professionals around the world.

NCFAP Articles of Incorporation

NCFAP 501(c)(3) not for profit IRS status



NCFAP’s Board of Trustees

NCFAP Senior Fellows

NCFAP’s Clients and Partners

NCFAP CEO: Dr. Harry Baumes,  Former Director of the Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, Office of the Chief Economist, USDA,  Resume

NCFAP Treasurer & AOR:     Dr.  Maureen Kilkenny,   Trustee and Senior Fellow,   CV 

NCFAP Board Chair:   Dr. Mike Martin  Trustee,  CV

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