For Organizations seeking research, analyses, or professional training: 

NCFAP welcomes opportunities to provide timely, objective, scientific analyses or professional training on any issues concerning farming, food, the environment, rural development, or agricultural policy.   See “Our Clients and Partners” or “Annual Reports” for examples.  Because NCFAP is a not-for-profit organization, it will mobilize a highly-qualified scientific team to rapidly fulfill your research or training need at cost.  To begin, send an inquiry email directly to NCFAP’s CEO Dr. Harry Baumes, NCFAP’s Board Chair Dr. Stan Johnson, any NCFAP Trustee, or any Senior Fellow.

For Researchers:

Qualified and experienced social and life scientists are invited to apply to join NCFAP’s network of Senior Fellows at any time.  NCFAP offers full ‘back office’ support including account management and IRS reporting among many other services, for just 10% overhead on direct costs, on all contract research consistent with NCFAP’s mission.  To begin, send an inquiry email directly to NCFAP CEO Dr. Harry Baumes, NCFAP Board Chair Dr. Stan Johnson, NCFAP Trustee Dr. Mary Ahearn, or NCFAP Senior Fellow & Treasurer Dr. Maureen Kilkenny.  Qualifications: at least one graduate degree in social or life sciences.  Experience: ten years as a principal investigator leading contract research and/or numerous refereed journal articles published in ISI-ranked social or life science journals.