Final Summary Report

Biofuels for Aviation: A Report on a Scientific Summit

Appendix 1 – Program



Appendix 2 – Reports from the Plenary Sessions

McGhee – U.S. Air Force Energy Program


Heimlich – Creating a New Jet Fuel Dynamic


Buchanan – Achieving Sustainable Energy Security – The Way Forward

Appendix 3 – Moderator Reports

Feedstock Availability

Feedstocks Availability (pdf)

Panelist Summaries

Dr. David Bransby

Dr. Kurt Thelen

Dr. Joseph Burton

Dr. Burt English

Dr. Ilhami Yildiz

Dr. Michael Bomford

Dr. Goro Uehara

Feedstock Logistics

Feedstocks Logistics (pdf)

Panelist Summaries

Dr. Tom Richard

Dr. Leon Schumacher

Dr. John Cundiff

Dr. Bryce Stokes

Dr. Kevin Shinners

Dr. Jon Van Gerpen

Dr. Steve Searcy

Mr. Sam Tagore

Dr. Tim Rials

Processing or Conversion

Processing or Conversion (pdf)

Panelist Summaries

Dr. Bryan Willson

Dr. Pratap Pullammanappallil

Dr. Kwesi Boateng

Dr. Troy Runge

Dr. Stan Bull

Dr. Jennifer Holmgren

Dr. Bruce Dale

Dr. Hans Blaschek


Deployment (pdf)

Panelist Summaries

Dr. Ray Knighton

Ms. Donna Perla

Dr. James Doolittle

Mr. Larry Russo

Dr. John Gardner

Dr. Robin Shepard

Dr. James Trapp

Dr. Craig Kvien

Economics and Policy

Baumes – Summary Remarks (Powerpoint)

Panelist Summaries

Dr. Brent Gloy

Dr. William Meyers

Dr. Greg Graff

Dr. Joe Outlaw

Dr. Wally Tyner

Dr. Larry Leistritz

Appendix 4 – Suggested Reading

Feedstocks Availability

2005 USDA billion_ton_biomass vision

2007 Naylor Biofuels-Food-Environment

2008 JBMBE Biofuel LCA review

2008 PNAS-Schmeretal Switchgrass net energy GHG LCA

8-08 RSB–Version Zero Standards

Feedstocks Logistics

Increasing Feedstock Production for Biofuels: Economic Drivers, Environmental Implications, and the Role of Research

Department of Energy Biomass Program.  2008.  Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap Workshop

Roadmap for Agriculture Biomass Feedstock Supply in the United States

Processing or Conversion

Beneficial Biofuels_Tilman

Biofuels & Sustainability World Watch Insitute 2006

Huber George Biofuels Review

iLUC Searchingercritique BioFPR





Lignocellulosic Barriers Roadmap Final

NREL Financing


Economics & Policy

Statement Of Joseph Glauber, Chief Economist, U.S. Department Of Agriculture Before The House Agriculture Committee, Subcommittee On Conservation, Credit, Energy, And Research

Farm Foundation Issue Report: What’s Driving Food Prices?, Philip C.
Abbott, Christopher Hurt, Wallace E. Tyner

The Use of Environmental Life-Cycle Analysis for Evaluating Biofuels, by Deepak Rajagopal and David Zilberman, Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics, University of California

Increasing Feedstock Production for Biofuels: Economic Drivers, Environmental Implications, and the Role of Research, Biomass Research and Development Board, December 2008

State of food and agriculture 2008, FAO

Appendix 5 – Moderators Reports from Regional Sessions

Northeast (pdf)

Northeast 1 (xls)

Northeast 2 (doc)

South (pdf)

South (xls)

West (pdf)

West 1 (xls)

West 2 (xls)

North Central (pdf)

North Central 1 (xls)

North Central 2 (pdf)

Leholm and Altman Presentation (xls)

Appendix 6 – Final Attendees List

Participant List


Air Force

Comparison of SSJF – CRC Final

Addendum to SPK Comparison Report

Dependence of Fuel Properties During Blending of ISO-Paraffinic Kerosene and Petroleum-Derived Jet Fuel

Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI)


EPA Green Book Nonattainment Areas for Criteria Pollutants

Regional Sites

Woody biomass maps

Oilseed Crops (planted and production):

Grain and Other Crops (planted and production):